Mastering 11+Entry exams | Strategies for Mathematics – Udemy Course Free Download

Mastering 11+Entry exams: Strategies for Mathematics -Udemy Course Free Download

Lessons and resources to support study for the 11+ Mathematics exam.

What you’ll learn:

  • Feel confident for success in the math element of the 11+ exam.
  • Broaden their understanding of a range of primary math skills.
  • Gain fluency in basic math practises.


  • Ideally children should have a good grasp of multiplication facts, as well as competency in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. As an example they are likely to have met expected standards at the end of Year 4 maths.



ou want the best for your child. Whether it’s support because they find maths difficult, or extra practise to prepare for entry exams. You want your child to succeed and feel confident in their math skills; after all mathematics is an essential part of daily life.

The trouble is private tuition is expensive! I should know, having taught it for over two years. It’s not always suited to everyone either. Not everyone can get to a centre/tutor or perhaps other commitments make time management difficult.

Whatever the reasons, if you’re looking for an alternative route to support maths skills with your child, this course is it!

This course is designed to support self-study for the Mathematics element of the 11+ exam. It is suitable for use by parents who wish to support their child in their studies, or for children themselves to follow. The course contains a number of lessons with demonstrations of the ‘how to’ element of each mathematics topic, alongside worksheets to aid further practise in these skills.

11+ Mathematics for parents and children can be studied at any time in any location although for those looking to gain success in the 11+ should be started in year 5 of Primary education (or year 4 for confident mathematicians). The course is also suitable for upper KS2 students who just want support with maths, lower KS2 students looking for further Tuition for challenge or lower KS3 students who struggle with maths.

Am I going to be bored?

I have tried to be as practical as possible. I won’t disturb you with those little things like “How many hypervisors can be part of a cluster? Is it 32 or 64?” No, we will be learning things by doing them in my lab. Because of those practical lessons I hope you will enjoy them much more than some theory based lectures.

Why you need to take this course;

  1. You will have access to multiple worksheets (with answer pages) covering many of the key areas of maths tested in the 11+ exam
  2. You will have lifetime access to lectures which clearly explain each topic in a way accessible to children as well as adults. These lectures can be rewound, paused and reviewed so that study can be tailored to your child’s pace.
  3. You can pick and choose areas to study. Unlike in a tuition centre where the curriculum is preset, you can select what units to study, allowing your child to maximise the productivity of their study time rather than sit through classes on materials they already known.

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What do past students say about this course?

Great course to support general maths. Am following it so that i can support my two as they move into years 4&5 of primary. Loads of resources for extra practise. Impressed with the value for money. Would recommend.

Don’t wait to enrol. Start studying now and give your child the first step towards maths success

Who this course is for:

  • Parents and children who intend to take 11+ examination.
  • Year 3/4 children who seek a greater challenge in mathematics.
  • Year 5/6/7 children who want extra support and practise at math skills.



Created by : David Revirs
Last updated 3/2017
Language English
Subtitles English [Auto-generated]

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